About Us

Conveniently located in the city of Shenandoah and Sugar Land, Texas,
The Woodlands Heart & Vascular Center is honored to serve the Montgomery and surrounding county community, providing a dedicated, focused approach to our patients when it comes to matters of a healthier heart.

Dedicated to Excellence

Board-certified cardiologist Jasmine Khan, MD, and the team pride themselves on their ability to deliver smaller-scale personalized treatment and consultation where every patient can experience individualized care and attention. The team’s primary concern is not only your health and well-being but also how they can develop the patient-physician relationship. They strive to ensure that patients receive the very best in professional medical care while gaining a comprehensive and tailored understanding of what's involved in their treatment.

Experienced Physicians & Staff

The staff represents a cumulative lifetime of experience and training in cardiology, from diagnosis to treatment, and carries with it the know-how for cardiovascular risk assessment and management. They promise to go above and beyond what other facilities might prescribe because they believe their patients’ health and peace of mind are paramount.

When it comes to your heart, it's important to have not only a local care provider but also one that combines the benefits of patient-centric practices with the latest advancements in medical technology and pharmacology to better understand and solve your problems. From comprehensive cardiovascular care to specialized treatment for spider and varicose veins, our experienced provider and professional staff are ready to give their patients the best, most advanced care that optimizes their health outcomes.

The Importance of Patient Education

A key part of preventing a health care problem from progressing is being aware as to how they can develop. We strongly believe that patient education is an important part of the services we provide. In addition to talking with our patients during their exams, we have a ready supply of patient education materials such as brochures and information sheets in our office. We encourage our patients to read about their condition and ask us questions about how to stay healthy.

Thank you for choosing us to be your Cardiovascular health care providers!

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